Pre Level 30: Summoner’s Rift, Dominion and Co-op AI

The following are game modes that available before you reach level 30.

Summoner’s Rift(Classic)

There are 2 choice in the map which are normal-blind pick and normal-draft mode, it is a 5 versus 5 where you need to destroy enemy towers and nexus.

    Blind Pick: you need to pick a champion to play and you can’t see what the enemies are picking as their champion
    Draft Mode: it is a simulation for Ranked game where the player who position at top of the list will ban 3 champions(from both side so total will be 6) and then the champion selection will start with the order(I will create a video for this as it is easier than to write it in word). After everyone pick their champion you can swap the champion with your teammates

Twisted Treeline(Classic)

There’s only Normal and Ranked Team game available for this map and it is a 3 versus 3 with the same objectives as Summoner’s Rift

The Crystal Scar(Dominion)

Dominion was introduced in 2011 as a new game mode. It has the same basic of Normal and Normal Draft game, however the objectives are “capture and hold” capture points and to reduce the enemy points to zero. Basically if you have more capture points it will reduce enemy points per second based on the different of capture points. Usually the game will last around 20 minutes.

Co-op AI

In this game method you can chose to play in summoner’s rift or dominion, the only difference is the opponents are bots. click here for more details (“Rise of the Bots”)