TSM Tournament (Invitational Only)

For those who missed TSM tournament here is the link to their twitch tv account.

And here is the bracket page (it contains all of the results up to final)


Dominion: My Champion Preferences

Lets talk about Dominion a little bit, it’s a second game mode that Riot created. In this map players need to capture and hold ‘capture points’, as long you have more capture points it will reduce enemy nexus health. There are 5 capture points in the map and in the center there is a special relic for each team, as usual you will be separated to blue and red team. On average the game will go on for 15-20 minutes, it is a fast pace game.

In the beginning of the game you will start at level 3 and 1350 gold. Most of game in the beginning will be 1 at bottom, 1 take mid then go top and 3 run to top. Basically this map is all about full offense.

So basically get an offense champ in my opinion and I don’t recommend to pick AP champ with long cool down skills.These are my preferences:

I will talk about the build later on.