Dreamhack 2012 Day 1 Statistic – League of Legends

Dreamhack 2012 had just started and some details already available from LoL Tournament Page.

The following are some statistic details from day 1, if there ‘s score screenshot from each game I will make players stats as well.

Group A

All Bans

Most Pick (3 picks and above)
Taric – Pick: 7, Win: 2, Lose: 5, Win Ratio: 17%
Graves – Pick: 5, Win: 3, Lose: 2, Win Ratio: 60%
Anivia – Pick: 4, Win: 3, Lose: 1, Win Ratio: 75%
Maokai – Pick: 4, Win: 2, Lose: 2, Win Ratio: 50%
Janna – Pick: 3, Win: 2, Lose: 1, Win Ratio: 67%
Jax – Pick: 3, Win: 2, Lose: 1, Win Ratio: 67%
Yorick – Pick: 3, Win: 2, Lose 1, Win Ratio: 67%

Group B (awaiting all information to be available)

All Bans

*Note: this ban list does not include last match between AL vs MM

Most Pick (3 picks and above)
Irelia – Pick: 6, Win: 4, Lose: 2, Win Ratio: 67%
Corki – Pick: 4, Win: 0, Lose: 4, Win Ratio: 0%
Karthus – Pick: 4, Win: 1, Lose: 3, Win Ratio: 25%
Soraka – Pick: 4, Win: 3, Lose: 1, Win Ratio 75%
Shen – Pick 3, Win: 2, Lose: 1, Win Ratio: 67%
Lee Sin – Pick 3, Win: 2, Lose: 1, Win Ratio: 67%
Nunu – Pick 3, Win: 2, Lose: 1, Win Ratio: 67%

Players Stats Head to Head for semifinal

M5 vs Curse.EU

GLG.EU vs Fnatic

Thanks to Nammm from reddit, you can find all information in ELOBUFF.

Dreamhack 2012 and League of Legends Season 2 Tournament

Dreamhack 2012 is coming this weekend (16-19 June).

For more details information go to Dreamhack Website.

Edit 1: Group has been decided and to watch go to League of Legends Dreamhack
Edit 2: I just checked on the web this year Dreamhack only consist of EU teams and this is not the closing for season 2

Also I want to share some plugins for firefox and chrome, one is for tournament calenders + links and the other is for popular streams links.

Tournament calender click here

Player streams click here

Lets support our favorite team and enjoy the tournament.


I found this website when I watched Dreamhack EU qualifiers and I believe it was created recently. This web is run by quickshot for those who don’t know him, he is a league of legends caster from South Africa and he said the purpose of this web is to be a portal where everyone access latest information about League of Legends.

IN2LOL also host it’s own tournament this week they just ran a kick off invitational tournaments for both NA and EU servers. This portal also provide you with list of upcoming match as well as latest League of Legends news across the world and if you register. you will be able to put a vote as who will win for upcoming match (who know in the future there will be price)

These are the video for the tournaments:

EU Server:
SK Gaming vs Na’Vi
CLG.eu vs Eclypsia
Absolute Legends vs Fnatic
Moscow 5 vs Derpers
Semi Final 1
Semi Final 2
Final Match 1
Final Match 2

NA Server:
TSM vs mTw.na – TSM forfeit
Orbit vs Dignitas
Absolute Legends NA vs Team Dynamic
TGF vs CLG.black
Semi Final 1
Semi Final 2
Final Match 1
Final Match 2

Thumbs up to quickshot and his IN2LOL team as this project has work very well to bring latest news or updates in League of Legends.

Playing with Friends

As League of Legends is a game of cooperation sometimes it is better to play with friends, either you find them in game or bring your real life friends to play together.

Once you played couple of games together, you gonna start to work out how to time and work as a team.

To assist in communication, I do recommend to use skype, teamspeak, steam or other voice chat program.

Other advantage is when you play bad, your friend (hopefully) won’t start bad mouthing you.