MPS Item: 5 Gold per 10 Seconds Item

As the name mention these items give you 5 golds per 10 seconds. Currently there are 4 items that generate gold which are ‘Avarice Blade’, ‘Heart of Gold’, ‘Kage’s Lucky Pick’ and ‘Philosopher’s Stone’.

Item Description

 Avarice Blade
Status: 12% Chance of Critical Strike
Break Even Time: 25 Minutes
If Sell: 12 Minutes and 30 Seconds
Recipe: Brawler’s Gloves + 350g (total cost: 750g)
Build Into: Youmuu’s Ghostblade
My Though: The cheapest gp10 item, however I won’t buy this item unless I’m playing Tryndamere or other champion that use critical damage then again there are better items to be made for critical chance such as Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer.

 Heart of Gold (Heart of Gold has been removed from season 3)
Status: 200 Health (Mid July Patch)
Break Even Time: 27 Minutes and 30 Seconds
If Sell: 13 Minutes and 45 Seconds
Recipe: Ruby Crystal + 350g (total cost: 825g)
Build Into: Randuin’s Omen and Locket of the Iron Solari
My Though: Most expensive gp10 item, it gives extra durability for dueling or team fight. I will pick up this item if I’m planning to build Randuin’s Omen for late game against auto attackers like Jax, Foira, etc or any AD ranged.

Kage’s Lucky Pick
Status: 25 Ability Power
Break Even Time: 25 Minutes and 30 Seconds
If Sell: 12 Minutes and 45 Seconds
Recipe: Amplifying Tome + 330g (total cost: 765g)
Build Into: Deathfire Grasp and Morello’s Evil Tome
My Though: I buy this item for AP burst mage (Deathfire Grasp) or assassin type mage that depend on ultimate cooldown (Morello’s Evil Tome)

Philosopher’s Stone
Status: 15 Health Regeneration and 8 Mana Regeneration (Mid July Patch)
Break Even Time: 26 Minutes and 40 Seconds
If Sell: 13 Minutes and 20 Seconds
Recipe: Faerie Charm and Regrowth Pendant + 185g (total cost: 800g)
Build Into: Eleisa’s Miracle and Shurelya’s Reverie
My Though: One of the best gp10 item if I pick champion that use mana as it help with health regeneration (it save money from buying health pot) and mana regeneration since I’m kinda bad with mana management when farming and harassing during laning phase then build it into Shurelya’s Reverie for better utility in team fight.

My General Though on GP10 Items

By picking up gp10 items you are either being behind in minions kills or planning to go into tanky/late game build since each gp10 items have break even time above than 20 minutes. Also it does not give any increase in damage for your champion and when it comes to mid game team fights it might influence the outcome since you might have less damage compare to the enemy. So unless you pick a tanky champion, need to build the final item or your team are planning for 20 minutes farming and go into late game, don’t pick up gp10 items since it won’t work well with your team.

This theory does not affect support players as they don’t do massive damage in team fight and they need to get extra gold to compensate the low minion kills. Also I assume that you also check what your teammates build as well so you won’t have triple final item or have discuss it with your team previously (if you have a team).

Some people argue that gp10 items are over power due to the amount of gold that it will generate over time even if the enemy are unable to farm, disregard kills and assists gold bonus. I would say gp10 will be considered over power if the your lane opponents have equal or more farm than you around early to mid game (before 20-25 minutes on my opinion), because at that point they will have more gold at the time. If you are able to deny them from farming they will require more time before they can have more gold than you generated from gp10 items and you should have better items for team fights. If I see enemy start to stack gp10 items, I will start to aim to get more kill from him or push the lane to tower so they will have harder time to farm then start to invade enemy jungle or roam for kills as your lane probably being freeze by the opponents if they are good enough to freeze the lane, otherwise just repeat the same thing over and over to deny their farm. So the aim is to push the lane as hard as possible to inhibitor or make the surrender at 20 minutes.

GP10 pick up based on Roles/Lane

AD Carry (ADC) Bot Lane
If you are playing as ADC, you will not pick up gp10 items at all since you need to concentrate on build damage items as ADC is the main DPS during team fight. Also make sure that early game you do not feed the enemy ADC and you pick up the kills, not your support or jungler. Even if you are behind in farm/kill you should not pick up gp10 items and keep farming which include taking some of neutral minions from your jungler.

Support Bot Lane
As a support you have to pick up gp10 items since you will no take minion and champion kill from your ADC during laning phase then again every now and then support take some kill by accident which is good if I can say so, since it help support to pick up earlier gp10 items and extra wards (note: when I play normal/ranked queue if I get annoyed by how my ADC play; either to passive, give kills to enemy ADC or just can’t last hit properly, I use my skill to do the last hit and start to build Ability Power items).

For support that use mana, I will pick up Philosopher’s Stone first since I start with Faerie Charm, wards and pots. After that I will pick up Heart of Gold for durability as support will be the squishiest during team fight especially if you play as Leona or Taric, you practically will stand in the middle of team fight. I tend not to pick up third gp10 items since by that time you will be around mid game and start engage in team fight, so your priority is to complete Shurelya’s Reverie or Randuin’s Omen.

For support without mana which usually people won’t call them a support, i.e. Shen, Mundo, Vladimir, etc. I will start with Heart of Gold and probably pick up Kage’s Lucky Pick if the champion scale based on Ability Power. For this type of support there won’t be a suitable third gp10 item.

AP Mid
They only gp10 item I will pick for this role is Kage’s Luck Pick to be build into Deathfire Grasp or Morello’s Evil Tome, but I only pick this item depend on the champion that I use.

Deathfire Grasp (DFG) build: I will pick burst damage champion such as Veigar, Mordekaiser, etc. Since you can combo down your opponents with all your skills or if enemy team have 2 health tanky champion it will be worth it to invest in DFG.

Morello’s Evil Tome build: I will pick low cooldown ultimate champion such as LeBlanc, Lux, etc. It give you extra 5% cooldown compare to DFG and mana regeneration to ensure you can use your ultimate.

Champion with Damage over Time skills (Swain, Morgana, Malzahar, Karthus) might not really benefit from Deathfire Grasp or Morello’s Evil Tome. I would prefer to build straight to Zhonya’s Hourglass as these champion need enough time to deal damage as the proc will be canceled if you are killed in the middle of casting. Unless your team do not have hyper carry ADC to kill health tanky enemy, you might want to consider making DFG.

Top Lane
As I have mentioned above the decision to buy gp10 items is based on what champion you will take, what items you need to build for mid to late game and how long your team is planning to farm. Also check if your team need to double up Shurelya’s Reverie or Randuin’s Omen. I don’t make Avarice Blade or Kage’s Lucky Pick for top lane since they don’t have team fight utility and I always pick tanky bruiser champion like Shen and Darius which you need more health and defense.

Heart of Gold to Randuin’s Omen: I will pick this item up if I’m playing a tanky champion such as Shen or champion that have true damage skill such as Olaf. Also if I go against auto attacker champion like Jax, Fiora, etc.

Philosopher’s Stone to Shurelya’s Reverie: I will pick this if I’m playing champion that require a lot of mana to farm like Nasus or you need to double up Shurelya’s Reverie. Some champion that might benefit from mana regeneration are Udyr and Gangplank, I have seen some Singed play with 3 gp10 items but I prefer Rod of Ages for Singed. I never pick up Philosopher’s Stone for manaless top lane champion.

If I pick early to mid game champion like Talon or Pantheon, I will not make any gp10 item because I will aim to build more damage and kill my lane opponents.

If I’m playing a tanky and crowd control jungler (Amumu, Nautilus, etc) I will pick both gp10 items since it is a little bit hard to kill steal from your laner, otherwise (Nocturne, Lee Sin, etc) I will pick Heart of Gold for extra health.

I always take at least 1 gp10 item for jungler either Philosopher’s Stone or Heart of Gold. I can’t stress how important gp10 item on jungler, because either enemy will invade your jungle or your own teammates will take wolves camp, wraith camp or double golems camp. So you ended up with less neutral minions to farm on your side and force you to invade or camp lanes for gank if you can’t get any kills, you will be set behind since you have low minion kills and low golds to complete your items build.

Also you need to get Oracle’s Elixir to clear out enemy wards and put some wards in dragon area or enemy wraith camp if you are planning to invade. To be honest in normal/low ranked queue (that where my positions currently, so I can’t say much mid to high elo) it is very rare to see wards being put by your mid or top lane even sometimes support (if there’s any) won’t put one in river. The most annoying part is when they scream at jungler ‘why don’t you gank’ where there are wards in river and you can’t tell where are the wards location before you have Oracle’s Elixir or ‘why don’t you put wards in river which cause me to get killed by gank’ this one even worse since they have more gold than jungler and they don’t even bother to ward for their own safety.