League of Legends World Championship – Final Day Replay

Final Day of the championship which include show match from different players.

Part 1: Riotgames Twitchtv Channel (Show match start at 44:10)
Part 2: Riotgames Twitchtv Channel
Part 3: Riotgames Twitchtv Channel (it seems there’s another internet problem during the game)


League of Legends – World Championship Group Stage Replay

For you who missed the matches here is the link to the replay on twitch TV.

It is a full replay for the whole day so expect the file will be 12+(Day 1) and 8+(Day 2) hours long. I will put a method on how to download the video once the final finish.

Day 1: riotgames twitchtv channel
Day 2: riotgames twitchtv channel
Day 3: riotgames twitchtv channel part 1 and part 2 (note: the stream was cut off because of internet issues in the area)

For final day click here.