MPS Item: Heart of Gold (Removed)


Sad news that Heart of Gold is being removed from the game, as a support I will be missing those extra health and gold generated from Heart of Gold.

In exchange, Riot add new mastery called pickpocket where it give gold for every hit to enemy champion (5g for melee and 3g for range attack).

While it sounds good, it need 16 mastery points in Support Tree to unlock it. Also to be as effective as Heart of Gold, every minute you need to attack enemy champion at least 10 times (for ranged support). I will not mention melee support for this mastery, since it will create a big risk to be in the firing line just for an extra 5g and when it come to late game, most of the time support will roam or stay in safe place prior to team fight.

*Heart of Gold = 5g per 10 second, 30g per minute*

In my opinion, pickpocket is a good passive to help support generate extra gold. But, I hold my reservation toward putting (at least) 17 points to Support Mastery Tree