Pre-Season 3 Patch Notes

For those who looking for Patch Notes 3.0.1, click here.

By now most of you should have read Riotgames Season 3 Patch Notes or the Season 3 intro page.

There are a lot of changes to items, jungles, masteries and summoner spells where summoner spells received the least addition or removal.

So the next thing to concentrate are masteries and items since both of them receive a lot of additional option.

Also I heard that the armor and magic penetration will be changed (forgot if it’s already confirm or not, it could be mention in the pre-season video) where % penetration will come into affect first then the flat penetration. Because of that, there have been a lot of discussion that AD bruiser and carry become stronger on season 3. Some even said that a full AD team is viable.

This update have not been finalized by Riot, so until the start of season 3 there could be a lot of tweak in the change stats.