League Championship Series Super Week

This week LCS will run a super week where they gonna play 20 games over 3 days instead the normal 8 games over 2 days.

This is the video preview

It may give some teams a chance to make a comeback or go into a losing streak.

For schedule: LCS youtube channel or LoL e-sport website


Season 3: Patch 3.02 Notes

Another week another patch update, here is the link to the patch notes on league of legends website:


Champion that got buff/nerf:
*Akali – change in her passive, by removing the min. requirements for ‘Discipline of Force’ and ‘Discipline of Might’ to nothing. Reduce spell vamp. and bonus damage to 6%.
*Nasus – little buff to his ultimate and his ‘Q’ cost 20 mana for all level
*Riven – change to her passive bonus become 15%-45% of her total damage. (I wonder when will Riven achieve the status of ‘Balance’)

Item change will mostly affect cooldown reduction items where some got increase and some got lower as well as changes in total price.

Here is the video where they explain some of the decision

Season 3: Patch 3.01 Notes

Here is the link to the patch notes on League of Legends official web.


Some noticeable changes are:
* Ezreal – being nerf again!!
* Katarina – being tweak
* Miss Fortune – ultimate (Bullet Time) being nerf
* Olaf – remove armor pen passive to active bonus on ultimate (Ragnarok)

I assume these changes are based on the latest IEM and LCS ban/pick results. Due to how popular this champions are on ban/pick.

There are more changes to look into and also in the item’s recipe as well.