Season 3: Patch 3.05 Notes

Yay Karma remake finally come to live server, but still no sign of Zac yet (it’s still a secret XD) Patch 3.05 Notes.

* Karma remake
* Hecarim’s Spirit of Dread cooldown increase by 4 seconds on every level
* Rumble’s The Equalizer damage change
* Udyr changes on every stances except tiger

* turret will deal more damage
* siege minion and super minion getting nerf (never think this gonna happen to the poor minions)

Season 3: Patch 3.04 Notes

Here come the newest Patch 3.04 Notes.

That bring more changes to few popular champions, such as:

*Elise – tweaks on her damage for 2 skills
*Jarvan IV – remove bonus armor from Demacian Standard, but increase shield on Golden Aegis
*Singed – reduce fling damage and remove tenacity from his ultimate, I am not sure why they nerf him again considering how hit and miss singed. Except at the hand of Korean teams
*Taric – nerf for Shatter and Dazzle

On item section, there are a lot of price tweak/drop for recipes and buffs.

Well lets see how the LCS team change their roster, especially jungle Jarvan IV since they remove bonus armor. Will teams completely drop him from jungle roster?

MPS Item: Blade of the Ruined King (BotRK)

Since the change on patch 3.03 BotRK has become a good item for AD carry and AD bruiser to pick up this item, especially if you are facing health stacking team or League of Warmog.

Because, it passive deal 5% attack damage based on target’s current health and the active let you life steal 15% of target’s maximum health plus 30% slow their movement speed for 4 seconds.

Other benefit of BotRK is a good item to kill dragon and baron, since both monster have high health.

* +25 Attack Damage
* +15% Life Steal
* +40% Attack Speed

Passive: auto attack deal 5% physical damage based on target’s current health

Active: Drain 15% target’s maximum health damage in physical damage and heal the same amount to caster, additionally slow target’s movement by 30% for 4 seconds

While it give some nice stats and ability to go against heavy health stacking enemy, at the end of the day BotRK do not give as much damage compare to BloodThrister which may give you higher damage in the long run as it give higher Attack Damage bonus for you auto attack and ability.

MPS Item: Warmog’s Armor (League of Warmog)


One of the most popular item in Season 3 and for a good reason. Since the change of armor and magic penetration mechanic, % number will take affect first then flat number, which increase overall damage even if you stack armor or magic resist.

Also the ‘tweak’ on warmog’s health regen, 1% of maximum health, if you stack health on champion (Olaf or Shen for example) it will give a huge amount of health regen which make you almost unmoveable in lane. It is 10 health regen per 5 sec from the warmog’s itself plus 1% of champion health (based and other item combined).

For me, I prefer Warmog’s Armor compare to Guardian Angel. Because the reduce amount of armor and magic resist since the ‘tweak’ and in team fight if your team is losing when you revived, you will be surrounded by enemy. So I believe, having extra health is better to last a little bit longer and do more damage to the enemy, instead dying and make a 4v5 situation in team fight until I revive again.

Season 3: Patch 3.03 Notes

Another week with another patch update.

Riotgames Patch 3.03 Notes

For summary, there are lots of changes for some champions, most noticable are:
*AP Tryndamere
*Taric tweak
*Xin Zhao

These changes are expected due to the frequency of ban and pick from LCS. I’m still waiting for Thresh tweak.

For Item and General changes:
*Warmog – health regen 1% per 5 seconds
*Blade of the Ruin King – change in item recipe and move to attack speed section