Season 3: Patch 3.06 Notes

The icy patch of Freljord  has come to League of Legends and it come with 20% skin sales as well.


* Sejuani, only changes are skill effects

* Trundle, only changes are skill buffs

* Karma, receive buffs in all skills both damage and cooldrown reduction

* Lulu, increase in mana for glitterlance and …..

* Nasus, wither attack speed reduction reduced to half (movement speed reduction should be the same 95% at max level)

* Quinn, slight buff? in gameplay

* Thresh, increase damage in Death Sentence and reduce damage in Flay with Death Sentence passive is moved to Flay

* Udyr, change into Tiger Stance damage type and bonuses

* Zed, change into Living Shadow cooldown and Shadow Slash cooldown reduction mechanic for Living Shadow (it only reduce when you hit champion)


* Elixir Fortitude, become 350 gold

* Health Pot and Mana Pot limited to 5 at a time

With the changes in max pot at a time, it may cut some of the weaker champion from players preference, we need to wait and see how the pro players deal with these changes.

Champion Spotlight: Sejuani and Trundle

The champion re-work for Sejuani and Trundle will come very soon to live server.

For the mean time, new champion spotlight has been released.

Sejuani Champion Spotlight

Pro Players Opinion on Sejuani Re-work
“She is riding a god damn boar, what else do you need?” – The General, TSM Snapdragon TheOddOne

Trundle Champion Spotlight

LCS EU Spring ’13 Results (Spoiler)

After a long season of League of Legends EU competitions, Spring season has finally finished. All I can say the playoff games were very full on and exciting, especially game #4 between Gambit Gaming versus Fnatic

If you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube LoLChampSeries channel

Congratulation for the winner and other teams.

#1 Fnatic


#2 Gambit Gaming


#3 Evil Geniuses


#4 SK Gaming


Season 3: Patch 3.5 Balance

Ok… I am not sure why they named it Patch 3.5 Balance. But here are the summary of the patch:


– change to her Mark of the Assassin (Q) based based damage while increase on detonation to 0.5 Ability Power ratio
– her Shadow Dance (R) charge has been increase for early level to 35/25/15

– Charge rate reduce to 12/10/8 and Big One every 3rd missile

– they change all of her spells numbers, ratio and cooldown

– reduce in cast range of Divine Blessing (W) and Intervention (R) to 900

– reduce in based movement speed
– increase in Final Spark (R) cooldown to 80/65/50

– reduce in mana cost for Dark Binding (Q) and Soul Shackles (R)

– Tidal Wave (R) got increase range, reduce cooldown and reduce mana cost

– increase on based armor and Titan’s Wrath (W) cooldown has been reduced

– reduce in Absolute Zero (R) cooldown and mana cost

– Harrier (Passive) will mark more often and will mark instantly
– Vault (E) will land closer to enemy if cast from longer distance

– reduce on Rolling Thunder (Q) early movement speed to 30/35/40/45/50%


Spirit of the Ancient Golem
– change in recipe and replacement of armor bonus with cooldown reduction

Spirit of the Elder Lizard
– change in recipe and reduce in Attack Damage

Seraph’s Embrace
– reduce in mana cost and adjustment to active shield

There is no indication that Lissandra will be available this week

MPS Champion: Shen – Eye of Twilight

One of the best top lane and split pusher in the game, due to his utility and build order. With this champion you need to be patient during laning phase and use stand united to save allies or gain assists as you are less likely to get any kill during early game. However once you get the core build item, you will be a big threat that enemy team can not ignore.

For my shen build guide check it on

Week of Champions

Yup like the title said this week patch (probably?) will have changes for champions from the icy region of Freljord.

New champion revealed: Lissandra, the Ice Witch

Like most champions from Freljord, Lissandra has a strong crowd control in her skill set. Based on that she should be an AP mage in middle lane (standard meta).

Rework Champions (mostly will be on visual): Sejuani and Trundle

As there is no patch notes yet, we can’t really tell if both champion will get any buffs as both are under used jungler so there is a slight possibility of buffing the damage or utility for them.

Champion Price Reduction: Skarner and Warwick

With the new riot pricing policy Skarner has been reduced to 4800 IP / 880 RP and Warwick has been reduced to 450 IP / 260 RP.