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Sona - Lunar


Lore: The Battle for The Freljord

A new lore has decent to League of Legends. It is ‘The Battle for The Freljord’ and it come with video and special website.


Explore the Freljord


In this patch you will be able to set your loyalty to one of the three tribes:


Avarosan (Ashe Tribe)


Winter’s Claw (Sejuani’s Tribe)


Frostguard (Lissandra’s Tribs)

Note: you can unlock this summoner’s icon by winning 10 games on this banner, but you can ONLY unlock 1 of them. Choose wisely summoners.

Season 3: Patch 3.06 Notes

The icy patch of Freljord  has come to League of Legends and it come with 20% skin sales as well.


* Sejuani, only changes are skill effects

* Trundle, only changes are skill buffs

* Karma, receive buffs in all skills both damage and cooldrown reduction

* Lulu, increase in mana for glitterlance and …..

* Nasus, wither attack speed reduction reduced to half (movement speed reduction should be the same 95% at max level)

* Quinn, slight buff? in gameplay

* Thresh, increase damage in Death Sentence and reduce damage in Flay with Death Sentence passive is moved to Flay

* Udyr, change into Tiger Stance damage type and bonuses

* Zed, change into Living Shadow cooldown and Shadow Slash cooldown reduction mechanic for Living Shadow (it only reduce when you hit champion)


* Elixir Fortitude, become 350 gold

* Health Pot and Mana Pot limited to 5 at a time

With the changes in max pot at a time, it may cut some of the weaker champion from players preference, we need to wait and see how the pro players deal with these changes.

Champion Spotlight: Sejuani and Trundle

The champion re-work for Sejuani and Trundle will come very soon to live server.

For the mean time, new champion spotlight has been released.

Sejuani Champion Spotlight

Pro Players Opinion on Sejuani Re-work
“She is riding a god damn boar, what else do you need?” – The General, TSM Snapdragon TheOddOne

Trundle Champion Spotlight