Season 3: Patch 3.06 Notes

The icy patch of Freljord  has come to League of Legends and it come with 20% skin sales as well.


* Sejuani, only changes are skill effects

* Trundle, only changes are skill buffs

* Karma, receive buffs in all skills both damage and cooldrown reduction

* Lulu, increase in mana for glitterlance and …..

* Nasus, wither attack speed reduction reduced to half (movement speed reduction should be the same 95% at max level)

* Quinn, slight buff? in gameplay

* Thresh, increase damage in Death Sentence and reduce damage in Flay with Death Sentence passive is moved to Flay

* Udyr, change into Tiger Stance damage type and bonuses

* Zed, change into Living Shadow cooldown and Shadow Slash cooldown reduction mechanic for Living Shadow (it only reduce when you hit champion)


* Elixir Fortitude, become 350 gold

* Health Pot and Mana Pot limited to 5 at a time

With the changes in max pot at a time, it may cut some of the weaker champion from players preference, we need to wait and see how the pro players deal with these changes.

Season 3: Patch 3.5 Balance

Ok… I am not sure why they named it Patch 3.5 Balance. But here are the summary of the patch:


– change to her Mark of the Assassin (Q) based based damage while increase on detonation to 0.5 Ability Power ratio
– her Shadow Dance (R) charge has been increase for early level to 35/25/15

– Charge rate reduce to 12/10/8 and Big One every 3rd missile

– they change all of her spells numbers, ratio and cooldown

– reduce in cast range of Divine Blessing (W) and Intervention (R) to 900

– reduce in based movement speed
– increase in Final Spark (R) cooldown to 80/65/50

– reduce in mana cost for Dark Binding (Q) and Soul Shackles (R)

– Tidal Wave (R) got increase range, reduce cooldown and reduce mana cost

– increase on based armor and Titan’s Wrath (W) cooldown has been reduced

– reduce in Absolute Zero (R) cooldown and mana cost

– Harrier (Passive) will mark more often and will mark instantly
– Vault (E) will land closer to enemy if cast from longer distance

– reduce on Rolling Thunder (Q) early movement speed to 30/35/40/45/50%


Spirit of the Ancient Golem
– change in recipe and replacement of armor bonus with cooldown reduction

Spirit of the Elder Lizard
– change in recipe and reduce in Attack Damage

Seraph’s Embrace
– reduce in mana cost and adjustment to active shield

There is no indication that Lissandra will be available this week

Season 3: Patch 3.05 Notes

Yay Karma remake finally come to live server, but still no sign of Zac yet (it’s still a secret XD) Patch 3.05 Notes.

* Karma remake
* Hecarim’s Spirit of Dread cooldown increase by 4 seconds on every level
* Rumble’s The Equalizer damage change
* Udyr changes on every stances except tiger

* turret will deal more damage
* siege minion and super minion getting nerf (never think this gonna happen to the poor minions)

Season 3: Patch 3.04 Notes

Here come the newest Patch 3.04 Notes.

That bring more changes to few popular champions, such as:

*Elise – tweaks on her damage for 2 skills
*Jarvan IV – remove bonus armor from Demacian Standard, but increase shield on Golden Aegis
*Singed – reduce fling damage and remove tenacity from his ultimate, I am not sure why they nerf him again considering how hit and miss singed. Except at the hand of Korean teams
*Taric – nerf for Shatter and Dazzle

On item section, there are a lot of price tweak/drop for recipes and buffs.

Well lets see how the LCS team change their roster, especially jungle Jarvan IV since they remove bonus armor. Will teams completely drop him from jungle roster?

Season 3: Patch 3.03 Notes

Another week with another patch update.

Riotgames Patch 3.03 Notes

For summary, there are lots of changes for some champions, most noticable are:
*AP Tryndamere
*Taric tweak
*Xin Zhao

These changes are expected due to the frequency of ban and pick from LCS. I’m still waiting for Thresh tweak.

For Item and General changes:
*Warmog – health regen 1% per 5 seconds
*Blade of the Ruin King – change in item recipe and move to attack speed section

Season 3: Patch 3.02 Notes

Another week another patch update, here is the link to the patch notes on league of legends website:

Champion that got buff/nerf:
*Akali – change in her passive, by removing the min. requirements for ‘Discipline of Force’ and ‘Discipline of Might’ to nothing. Reduce spell vamp. and bonus damage to 6%.
*Nasus – little buff to his ultimate and his ‘Q’ cost 20 mana for all level
*Riven – change to her passive bonus become 15%-45% of her total damage. (I wonder when will Riven achieve the status of ‘Balance’)

Item change will mostly affect cooldown reduction items where some got increase and some got lower as well as changes in total price.

Here is the video where they explain some of the decision

Season 3: Patch 3.01 Notes

Here is the link to the patch notes on League of Legends official web.

Some noticeable changes are:
* Ezreal – being nerf again!!
* Katarina – being tweak
* Miss Fortune – ultimate (Bullet Time) being nerf
* Olaf – remove armor pen passive to active bonus on ultimate (Ragnarok)

I assume these changes are based on the latest IEM and LCS ban/pick results. Due to how popular this champions are on ban/pick.

There are more changes to look into and also in the item’s recipe as well.

Pre-Season 3 Patch Notes

For those who looking for Patch Notes 3.0.1, click here.

By now most of you should have read Riotgames Season 3 Patch Notes or the Season 3 intro page.

There are a lot of changes to items, jungles, masteries and summoner spells where summoner spells received the least addition or removal.

So the next thing to concentrate are masteries and items since both of them receive a lot of additional option.

Also I heard that the armor and magic penetration will be changed (forgot if it’s already confirm or not, it could be mention in the pre-season video) where % penetration will come into affect first then the flat penetration. Because of that, there have been a lot of discussion that AD bruiser and carry become stronger on season 3. Some even said that a full AD team is viable.

This update have not been finalized by Riot, so until the start of season 3 there could be a lot of tweak in the change stats.